Stylized Prairie House

Personal project based on Etienne Savoie's Little House concept. My goal with this project was to showcase my ability to create a stylized outdoor environment in Unreal Engine 4. The house asset and props were modeled with Maya/ZBrush and then textured with Substance Painter. The terrain and plant textures were created with Substance Designer.

Software Used:

maya software
Maya 2020
zBrush software
ZBrush 2020
Substance software
Painter 2020
Substance software
Designer 2020
unreal software
Engine 4
house screen 1

house screen 5

house screen 6

house screen 4

house screen 3

house screen 7
High poly sculpt

house screen 8
Low poly model wireframe

house screen 9
House 4K texture maps: Base Color/Normal/Occlusion Roughness Metallic

vegetation screenshot
Vegetation and ground textures created with Substance Designer

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